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V2.0 - release date January 23, 2019

Complete this form to register yourself as a speaker, and indicate your interest in other areas of the event.

If your email is not recognised, please check your entry on and use the "Check My Emails" feature to bring that through to the NZ Club Finder if needed. 


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Availability for Speaking

Please indicate when you wish to speak, and for how long. Speeches will be rostered in four hour sessions, and you can speak as long as you wish. You can speak in as many sessions as you like, but you can only give one speech in a session. This is because the rules require a minimum of four hours between speeches. 

Maximum speech length shown is 120 minutes, but you can speak for longer; if you wish to do that, please set the value to 120 and indicate session and length in the box at the end of this part.

A club can reserve all or part of a four-hour slot; please advise if you wish to do this. If the minutes for a slot show as grey (read-only), or the slot does not appear at all, that slot has been fully reserved.

Note: The minimum speech length is 7 minutes. If you request less for any session, your speech length will be rounded to 7.

Sunday April 21
Monday April 22
Tuesday April 23
Wednesday April 24
Thursday April 25
Friday April 26
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Completing this form registers you as a speaker, but we need helpers. Please check the boxes for what you would be able to help with.