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To all those who viewed the videos - thanks, hope they were useful. More coming soon. Keep an eye on, under Clubs > Video resources

International Proxies

Its time to decide who and what your club will vote for at the International Convention. You'll find a video to help you through the process at the address above. Some details have changed, such as the Club Central menu layout - however the description of the process and where to get information is essentially correct. Only Presidents and Secretaries have access to delegate the proxy votes for their club, but the club should have the chance to decide how it wishes to vote.

July 12 - Login screen and Club Editor Redirection Emails

Thanks to a new feature in the system software, you can now log in using your email address (the one used for the Club Finder) OR your membership number. In addition, while most redirection emails are linked to a club member, a number are not. Therefore, on the Club Editor, you will see an "additional email" entry. This gives an extra address that does not need to be tied to a member of your club

July 4 - Club Editor - change to email and phone details

Email and phone addresses are no longer stored in the Directory database, but taken from information supplied by the member to TI. Changes you make to your phone details in Club Central and your email using your profile on the NZ Club Finder will be reflected in the Club Editor after a few days - it is NOT an automatic process. You can also change your email at WHQ and use the "Check My Email" feature to align your NZ address to this.

This has removed the need to update this information in the Club Editor, and the relevant entries are now read-only.


Email Redirections and Pathways Base Camp Managers

After your Annual Business Meeting, you have registered your new officers using Club Central at To keep communications current within New Zealand, you also need to register changes of who receives emails for your club using the NZ Club Finder. You can do this using the Club Editor feature.

The changes to the Club Editor that help you do this are now complete; the process applies to clubs in both Districts, 72 and 112. As well as the redirection emails, you can define who will be acting as Pathways Base Camp Managers for the coming year; once Toastmasters has completed the year end at WHQ, this information will be maintained automatically.

This means you will be able to use your club email address on the NZ Club Finder to reach both your Base Camp Managers and those who you need to involve for publicity and promotion of your club.

To check your updates, any member can now download the District Directory, by selecting it from your Members' menu. This reflects the Division and Area structures after the District Reformation and includes information for both New Zealand Districts. The information is current at the time you run the report.


What's Next?

The next priority will be to make the search and edit functions available for District Officers, changes to help setting up of Clubs in Formation and to add new members if they need to be added urgently (for example, to take up officer roles).

Until this can be done, please send urgent changes such as details of new clubs to your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and changes to District roles to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank your for your patience.